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Why choose Koddos for web hosting solutions

The response is simple, because this is the only society which give you power to against DDoS attacks. This kind on managing hacker destroys many websites with a best client flow. And the drama is that they shave on a quick time your website and all technological tools connected on it.

KoDDoS have a solution for you

You can see that this is not the only hacker solution to your website, but they give you wings and makes you fly to develop your business faster. They have a panel solution to each king of society. Let’s take an example, and talk about an offshore society. As offshore, you don’t have this obligation to get a sector business. You can do everything that you need. In that case, you need strong service too, it’s begun on your website. The goal of the KoDDoS is to give you much power to face the hacker. So, for the web hosting, they have a pack for you. It’s on sold, they call it a Plan HK, it’s cost you about 16 to 60 dollars in a month as the size of your website. In this package, you will have an advantage to work with Hong Kong vps, and you know that this city has a higher quality of technology system.

The guard line of your order

Your box server will have one as far as four CPU core, RAM begging on 512 MB until 6GB, you get also a Raid 10 Disk space about 40GB to 60 GB, the Premium bandwidth will bring 100 GB to 1000 GB. And your clients will be proud because we give you one IP address, the location is optional, and your network interface will start at one Gbps. There is no contract with no condition, because we guarantee all websites and his web applications. You can see that the offer is so fat and it cost just a little fortune.

Engineers technology gives you their free service anytime you need a help. It’s is easy to use and all our support are guaranteed. That’s why KoDDoS is the best solution makes grow quickly your website.

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